About Me and Testimonials

I’m a fine art photographer based in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Although I have several keen interests, my work centers around historic architecture and downtowns, and photographing the American Landscape. I love writing about my photography as a way to further engage you, my viewers, with the ideas and stories behind my pictures. So please check out my free photo essay page and link to my blog here on my website.

I have spent many years refining my artistic eye and abilities, and I bring that sensibility to fulfilling your fine art and photographic needs. When you work with me you get a photographer who listens, understands, and delivers not only the pictures but most importantly, the experience you have imagined. With me you get a sincere interest in you and your project, professional knowledge and practice, personable manner, and gifted artistry.

My intent for my photography has always been professional so I decided to get a graduate degree in photography because I want my work to have informed and refined artistry like the photographers who inspire me. And, I want to be a photographic artist who engages in the professional practice of photography. This makes me more valuable to you as a photographer.

What I Photograph and Why

First and foremost, I’m an artist. The way light falls on almost any object in the world around me has been a source of inspiration and fascination from a young age. Photography gives me the means to express this love of light and the unique interests that I explore through it.

I have had a lifelong interest in history and architecture. When I was growing up we had a series of TIME-LIFE books called the Library of America. One of those volumes was entitled “The Old South.” In it were pictures of opulent Southern plantation mansions that beguile and fascinate me to this day. I still have a copy of that book and will get down to Louisiana someday soon to photograph those subjects that have inspired me for so many years. The book planted the seed of a life-long passion in me.

Around the same time, I had a school friend whose family lived on the property of a large and brooding old Victorian house. From from my first visit I was hooked. I developed a love for ornate Victorian mansions that never waned and today they are one of the subjects of my photography, along with the historic downtowns where they line the streets.

Along with an innate interest in architecture, these are the subjects that have informed my photographic vision from a young age.

My Photographic Practice

These influences and the time I spent earning my graduate degree in photography enabled me to refine my talents as a photographer and an artist. In particular I developed a concentration in architectural landscapes. Photographing architecture as landscape is the focus of my fine art photography and it enables me to explore my distant memories, history, and the unique character of a place.

And here’s an important aspect of this practice: this type of photography takes me out into the field. The self-affirming action and freedom of being outside (I can’t sit in an office), the exhilaration of exploring and photographing my subjects and the peace of mind it brings drive me to live a photographic life. When I’m out photographing in the field I’m fulfilling my life’s purpose.

As a result, when I'm hired for commercial photography I bring refined artistic sensibility and practice to the project with the intent of creating pictures that exceed all your expectations.

This is why I am a photographer and it tells you about the passion, vision and experience I bring to your project.

Connect with me TODAY—whether you're looking for fine art for home or office, or commercial photography, let's talk about what you need and get started on your project!



"James Callahan is a highly talented photographer who has an amazing ability to tell a special story through his work. James and I worked together on a very important project for the SAVE Animal Shelter located in Skillman, New Jersey. He kindly volunteered to photograph the historic James Van Zandt House—as a donation to the organization—which now serves as the shelter's administrative headquarters. He did a marvelous job capturing the very essence of this historic gem. He intuitively understands how to best utilize natural light and the most unique traits of a building to grab the viewer's attention.  

James is a delight to work with and I highly recommend him for any professional photographic needs."

– Piper H. Burrows, Sandpiper Strategies, LLC

“ I might be biased because Jimmy is like the brother I never had, but just as he is a high level professional musician I am not surprised that he is just as accomplished as a photographer. I enlisted Jimmy to photograph my studio for my new website and my friend did not disappoint. He was extremely accommodating with my many requests and the final product is more than I could have hoped for. Next up, Jimmy will be shooting my new album cover.”

– Stevie D, Master Mix Engineer, Producer, Musician and Owner at Sound Spa Studios, Edison NJ

"I have used James for multiple family and commercial events/ applications. His professionalism and commitment to detail are unsurpassed in my 30 years of experience. I intend to collaborate in the future with this refined artist and enthusiastically recommend Jim for all your future photography needs, be they artistic, ceremonial or business engagements. Simply put, James T Callahan provides a superior effort and exemplary product in the field of photography."

Joe Bezzone – President, JBezzone Incorporated

"Jimmy is a photographer who knows how to make our band look great and amazing together! He was very professional, calm and easy to work with. He also knows great locations for photos…he took us to multiple settings that really made us stand out. He created a friendly and comfortable atmosphere during the whole shoot, and the pictures look better than we could have imagined. We are really happy with his work and look forward to having him photograph us again.

Craig Buchman – Drummer, Drum Instructor and Owner at Big Bang Music, Hillsborough, NJ

"James is a true master at his craft and creates photos every client will feel great about when it comes to capturing the real moment. His attention to detail and ability to frame the perfect shot give you the confidence that you're getting top quality, professional photography services."

Scott McMurray – Independent Engineering Consultant