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The Stories Behind My Favorite Photographs–

If you find my subjects interesting or even fascinating, I'd love to tell you more about them and how I make my pictures:

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You'll read interesting stories about my favorite pictures, what inspired me to make them, and how I made them. 

I spent 5 years studying the historic, technical and aesthetic aspects of Photography to earn my Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

Now, my photo essays impart my knowledge and experience to YOU...

Each photo essay is a short story about:

  • One of my favorite photographs, the subject, its interesting points and history

  • What compelled me to make the picture and what my inspiration was for making it

  • What the picture is 'about'

  • How I made it: from concept to process to finished picture

  • Ideas for how YOU can make your own meaningful photographs

I'll often include other supporting pictures in each essay. I'll explain how a good conceptual foundation, repeated excursions to photograph your subjects, good editing and peer critique will help you make powerful and compelling images.

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