Artist Statement – The American Small Town


This project is foundational to the Reflections series in that it concentrates on the subject matter – historic downtowns and their Victorian neighborhoods and buildings – that I was photographing previous to all of my Small Town projects. They come from the interest in the small towns I’ve known, others that I've photographed but didn't know before, and the ones I have yet to know. I feel just as compelled to make these images as with the reflected images and I feel it's important to photograph these towns becasue  they speak to our American character.

I began making straight photographs of my small town subjects again in 2014 as I neared the end of my thesis work in my Reflections series. I didn’t want to rely strictly on the use of reflections and texture to make my pictures, but to make straight photographs as well. I plan to take this a step further and use artificial lighting to augment the available light. 

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